Jessica Simpson Throws a Cum-Hither Look at Ya and Spreads Her Legs!

jessicasimpson stockings Jessica Simpson Throws a Cum Hither Look at Ya and Spreads Her Legs!

It’s a scene from your wildest dreams: Jessica Simpson, after you ply her with lots of booze, cheese and wine, ends up getting drunk enough to be willing to sleep with you, strips to nothing but her high heels and stockings, and spreads open her legs so you could put yer throbbing meat member right in her juicy cooze. This time, you don’t have to imagine it – we’ve created a pic of that and more to help with your jacking-off fantasies!

And these aren’t the normal, run-of-the-mill fakes we’ve got here too – these Photoshop wizards know what they’re doing, and you’d spend more time drooling on these fakes than figuring out what exactly they did to make the photos so realistic. Wanna see more? Click away and get ready to cum all over yer keyboard!

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